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2010 36" Supercomp Rifle with custom finish.
Duracoat Urban Camo

Are accuracy and quality important to you? The Ferret50 will give you a lifetime of service with amazing accuracy, right out of the box. This is because we care to do better than the rest. And while anyone can say that, we provide proof. Click here and scroll down to see stats from Ferret50 customers at 1000yd competitions. So you can spend a little now and cry later or spend a little more now and make your competition cry forever.
The choice is yours.

2014 Supercomp Ferret50 Rifle with 32" Supermatch Stainless Barrel.


Prices listed are retail.

Please call for CA$H discount.


Looking for an upper for your AR-15? Just scroll down......


To place your order, info@ferret50.com.




Supercomp Ferret50 Rifles - 50BMG
.510 DTC available for our California customers.


With a LW Supermatch Stainless barrel....$6,694


Choose any barrel length from 18" to 36".
Common lengths are 24" 29" 32" 36".
For maximum accuraccy, 32"



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Please call for CA$H discount.


Ferret50 Uppers- 50BMG
.510 DTC available for our California customers.


With a LW Supermatch Stainless barrel....$4,499


Choose any barrel length from 18" to 36".
Common lengths are 24" 29" 32" 36".
For maximum accuraccy, 32"

Click on the image to view this gallery.



Please call for CA$H discount.


F-50/Multi-Caliber Lowers



Supercomp Lower Assembly.......................$2,195



Custom Paint and Camo

Duracoat Matte Black-------------------Standard

Custom Duracoat Color---------------------75.00

Single Stage Only

Custom Two Color Finish-----------------$100.00

Single Stage Only - no tape

Camo (3 Color)-----------------------------$750.00+

Duracoat Patterns

Camo (4 color)----------------------------$1000.00+

Duracoat Patterns

Custom Exotic Paint Scheme-------------$1000.00

Duracoat Colors

Duracoat Website - lauerweaponry.com


HOK Custom Kolors and Finish----------$2000.00+

House of Kolor Kustom Finishes

House of Kolor Website - houseofkolor.com



Replacement barrels

LW-19 Chrome-Moly

18" to 36" - Call for Quote

LW-50 Stainless

18" to 36" - Call for Quote

LW-50 Supermatch Stainless

18" to 36" - Call for Quote


Replacement parts

(gunsmith labor not included)

Firing pin ---------------------- $68.00

Extractor ---------------------- $35.00

Handguard (standard) ------ $195.00

Handguard (long) ----------- $250.00

Fish Gill brake --------------- $195.00

Bipod ---------------------------$220.00

Match hammer/trigger ------ $250.00

(includes springs and pins)

Extra power hammer spring -- $8.00

Anti-walk pins (set) ---------- $28.00


Custom shop rates.

Gunsmith work ----------------------- $95.00@hr

Custom machining -------------------- $150.00@hr

Custom design and programming---- $250.00@hr




Available options (must be specified at time of order):

Left hand bolt: free with our compliments

00MOA, 20MOA, or 60MOA sloped scope rail: add $150

Custom height bipod legs: $125 pair

Longer handguard (no vent holes): add $250

A-10 style receiver: add $300

Custom chamber: add $250

(Available custom chambers: .510DTC, .510BR-DTC, .50SFBR, .416Barrett, .408CheyTac, .338Harris, .338Lapua, .338Weatherby)



Spare parts kit for uppers: $70

Spare parts kit for Supercomp Rifles: $150

Customized Cleaning Kit: $155.00

Bore guide: $75

50BMG Headspace gauges: $220

Non-marring barrel change wrenches: $345



We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks, and money orders. A 50% deposit will secure your spot on the production run, or contact us to arrange a payment plan.

Paying by cash, check or money order; please call for cash discount.

We produce our uppers and lowers in batches we call "production runs". Each production run takes about 6 months to complete. At the time of order we will inform you of our schedule and when we estimate the production run to be completed. Due to delays out of our control such as material supply and work done outside of our shop (heat treat, barrels, etc) we do not promise when a run will be completed and your order delivered. However, we do all that we can to follow our own schedule. The bottom line is that we will deliver a superior product, even if delayed, before we will cut corners on quality.

Florida residents please add the appropriate sales tax for your county.

No FFL required for uppers. Lowers and complete rifles must ship to a FFL. All BATFE rules apply.

Call in your order at 321-402-1807 or send payment to:

Spider Firearms
2005-B Murcott Dr.
St. Cloud, FL 34771-5826

Or Email us at info@ferret50.com and we will call you for your order.

The Ferret50 is guaranteed against manufacturer defects for life. If there is ever a problem with your Ferret50, immediately contact us and we will work with you to correct the problem.


We do not allow cancellation of orders and refunds on deposits.


Spider Firearms info@ferret50.com

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